Show Me Your Way: The Complete Guide to Exploring Interfaith Spiritual Direction - Howard A. Addison

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According to Addison, spiritual direction is a mentoring relationship in which the director draws on personal experience, insight into the spiritual seeker's personality and knowledge of the seeker's religious tradition to guide the seeker in reflection and perception of God's leading. The model was developed in the context of Christian monasticism but has recently spread into Protestantism and beyond. Addison writes from his own experience; he once wanted a spiritual director but could not find one in his own Jewish tradition, so he began meeting with a Catholic nun. Through his own positive discussions with her, he came to believe people could benefit from having a spiritual director from another faith without sacrificing the integrity of their own beliefs.

Spiritual direction, Addison cautions, is not instruction in a religion with the goal of conversion but a means of deepening one's spiritual journey. Addison is aware of the pitfalls if a director is moved to proselytize or if a seeker is more in need of counseling than direction. After thoroughly explaining the concept of spiritual direction and highlighting its benefits and drawbacks, Addison discusses where to find it, sensitively addressing compatibility issues and different styles of spirituality. This is a well-informed, thoughtful treatment of a potentially beneficial interfaith practice.

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