Pardes Spirituality Retreat: Awakening The Divine

The Psalms teach that the human soul is the light of God, illuminating our hearts and minds, our actions and relationships, for the Divine to enter. This retreat, held in North America, offers the opportunity for a sacred pause, enabling us to open ourselves to the joy and presence which is our divine nature and take that awakening back with us into our everyday lives. It provides the skills necessary to transform the sometimes muffled, tense or distracted experience of our lives into an open-hearted engagement with every moment. It offers the opportunity to touch that still, small voice within each of us and the soul-wisdom which is our birthright. It transforms our Jewish practice and lives into a deep mode of spiritual awakening.

Combining prayer, mindfulness meditation, silence, text study, group work and other modes of spiritual practice, this retreat will introduce participants to the profound depths of Jewish spirituality and offer the possibility of finding life-transforming meaning in the Jewish tradition. Mornings of the retreat will be spent in silence, meditation and yoga, including meditation instruction and questions and answers. Afternoons and evenings include additional meditation, mindful text study and discussion, a question and answer session, and exploration of additional spiritual practices that compliment and support our meditation practice. The retreat will conclude with a deep celebration of Shabbat, helping participants experience one of Judaism’s most important spiritual practices. At the conclusion of the retreat, the teachers will provide participants with resources and techniques to continue practicing and growing in their universities and home communities.

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