This Bliss - Holy Taya CD

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hebrew goddess chant. lush world beats. blessed vocal caress. the root and vision of my priestess dreams. I offer this music to you, with gratitude, with praise and with a prayer that you let love and bliss permeate this life that has been given to you. i kiss earth and sky for my stellar engineer and co-producer arik labowitz; for exquisite collaborators surya prakasha, yael illah, jen myzel, rakia shemaya, isa nessim and hope medford; for mastering by ryan kleeman / overlap studios; for design by navyo ericsen and for cover image by pan trinity das. i sing sweet praises for co-visioners ibrahim baba, indigo bacal, jill hammer, joti shephi, rae abileah, shoshana jedwab, sunshine muse and the kohenet hebrew priestess and makam shekhina tribes; for dad; for mom; and for the deepest love of ade odara. this bliss exists because so many of you responded Yes, Make More Music and donated generously. the cover of this bliss is an homage Anandamai Ma, the bliss-permeated mother. this bliss is in gratitude for my healer, guide and protectress familiar, Sarah. credits taya shere / vocals, vision, arrangements & production arik labowitz / engineering & co-production surya prakasha / percussion yael illah / vocals jen myzel / vocals rakia shemaya / djembe & vocals track 2 isa nessim / frame drum track 5 hope medford / percussion & vocals track 4 ryan kleeman & overlap studios / mastering pan trinity das / image of anandamayi ma 25th street studio / engineering track 4

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