Nigunim Vol. VI: By The Waters of Babylon - Joey Weisenberg CD

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By the waters of Babylon, our ancestors hung up their harps in the willow trees, refusing to play sacred songs as they marched into exile. There they left the mythical harp that David had played upon. That harp hadn't even needed to be played upon by a person to make music - at midnight, the North wind, which contained the very spirit of life itself, would blow upon its strings, allowing it to make music on its own. These sounds inspired David to compose his psalms and praises.

Ever since that exile, we have been searching for our mystical music, trying to find the sacred songs that we left behind. Some of our most determined ancestors even walked up and down the rivers surrounding Babylon, looking up into every tree, hoping to rediscover the magnificent harps that might still hang there. Nevertheless, we know that we can't reclaim all that was lost throughout the ages.

Fortunately, the mystics teach that it doesn't take finding David's harp itself to find our music - it just takes getting together and opening our ears. When we gather together to sing, the secret is that we actually become the Harp of David.

My prayer is that as we learn to reclaim our own songs, we can also learn to hear the voices and songs being sung by all people, and indeed by all of creation. As we sing here, "Kol HaN'Shama T'halel Ya, Halleluya, (Psalm 150) "All spirit and breath praises the Divine, Halleluyah!" Though we may vibrate individually, we can yet resonate together.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed paying it!
-Joey Weisenberg

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