Nigunim Vol II: Transformation of a Nigun - Joey Weisenberg CD

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For this second recording for Mechon Hadar’s Minyan Project, we once again wanted to capture the feeling of friends singing together, but this time we brought our instruments along for the ride, too! These melodies incorporate the spirit and style of traditional Jewish singing – a reflection of our immersions in rich traditions of nigunim (wordless melodies), nusach ha-t’filah (prayer chants and improvisations), and klezmer music (instrumental music) – while also leaving room for the other music that pulsates throughout our local Brooklyn musical landscape, including Balkan music, blues, bluegrass, classical, flamenco, and soul music. Performed with an improvisational flair and a meditative approach, this music includes a few dveykus nigunim (melodies that elicit a desire for connection with our mystical Source), a few funky foot-tappers, a few pieces in which the electric guitar replaces the lead singer, and a few songs that might have belonged on 1970’s Israeli Pop Radio, if only they hadn’t been sung with a Milwaukee accent. Thank you for listening, and enjoy!

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