I Am That I Am - Yael Illah CD

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I Am That I Am/ אהיה אשר אהיה" Original devotional medicine music. Healing hymns to soothe the soul. This music is a gift to and from Source. Born from and offered back to the Well of Longing. An affirmation of beauty & faith. Rooted in the Ancient. A prayer for love, peace, joy & justice. credits releases December 19, 2017 Yael illah: vision, production, arrangement, vocals (all tracks), guitar (tracks 2-10), frame drum (track 2, 11) shruti, singing bowls (track 1). Taya Mâ & Blissroot: Production Arik Labowitz: recording/ engineering (all tracks) , shofar (track: 8) Shimshai / Chaparral studios: recording/engineering (tracks: 1, 4, 6) Surya Prakasha: djembe, cajon, caxixi, shaker (tracks: 3,6,8) Issa Nessim: vocals, tanbur (tracks: 8, 11) Eliyahu Sills: bansuri, ney, oud (tracks: 2,4,5,9,11) Gabriel Knoedt: guitar (tracks: 5,10,12) Ryan Kleeman & Overlap studios: mastering Album Graphic Design: Navyo Ericson Front image: Cedar Ranney Henna art: Aliya Choudhery Taya Mâ, the most incredible Priestess Producer, no words for the gratitude in my heart. Thank you for all that you are, bring & embody. Arik, it has been such a joy to be in co-creation together! Abounding thanks for all that you have poured into this project. Surya, Issa, Eliyahu and Gabriel, thank you for offering of your skill, beauty and heart to the music. Shimshai, gratitude for being a part of this in the beginning! To my parents. To the bright & well ancestors. To Ibrahim Baba, may his secret be sanctified. And to all of you glorious beloveds- too many to name- thank you. Love upon Love.

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