God and Man: Love on the Rocks, by Steve Rosner

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"On the Rocks," was originally a phrase used for ships which ran aground and broke apart. But nothing could be a better metaphor to describe God's relationship with man-hence the title of this book. For God created us with love and gave us His heart and soul: And God created Man in His Own Likeness; In God's image created He him; both male and female. Alas, ever since Cain slew Abel, our relationship with God has been on the rocks. Throughout the Millennia, we have totally failed to act in accordance with His relatively few requirements. At best, we have ignored Him, but mostly mocked, disparaged, and treated Him with disdain. We have abrogated our responsibility, whether as an individual or nation, have engaged non-stop in the worst evil imaginable, causing Him untold suffering. (Part III presents multiple examples of the incredible evil of our species, detailing particularly monstrous religious and secular conflicts from 3000 BCE to the present.) Is it any wonder then, why God is estranged from us; why there is unrelenting havoc in our lives; why the world is falling apart; why suffering is prevalent at every level? In truth, no individual, no nation is immune! Isn't it time we re-evaluated our behavior and altered it-to repair our relationship with God and gain His many blessings. But to understand how, we need to know something about God, something about ourselves, something about religion, and something about history. This book provides that understanding: It covers Scripture and science, God and His attributes, and Man-including his Free Will, Soul, Body and Mind. It addresses Good and Evil, the nature of each, and the role Satan plays in our lives. It reviews six major religions, and shows that at their core they are virtually identical. We will learn that God desires very little of us-regardless of our culture, religion, or ethnicity. In simple terms, He wants us to be righteous, do justice, and love compassion.
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