Where There's Live There's Life: A Compelling and Sensitive Exploration of End-of-Life Decisions - David M. Feldman

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This book has been called "An Ode to the Sanctity of Life." In it, Rabbi Feldman makes the case for life's intrinsic preciousness, and does so, first, by guiding us through the details of pikkuach nefesh -- the principle in Jewish religious law that sets the saving of life and health above all else. He then illustrates this life-affirming perspective by means of a scholarly exploration into abortion, euthanasia and the right to die, martyrdom, the mandate to heal, the mind-body connection, embryonic stem-cell research, organ transplants -- including the controversial question of heart transplantation. He leads us with edifying expertise but popular style through an analysis of pro-natalism, new reproductive technology, even the writing of Living Wills. Drawing from Talmudic sources as well as contemporary issues, and offering personal accounts from his more than 40 years of experience as a congregational rabbi and a sought-after medical ethicist, Rabbi Feldman advances his theses with passion and verve.

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