The Women's Seder Sourcebook: Rituals & Readings for Use at the Passover Seder - Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, Tara Mohr & Catherine, eds.

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The Women's Seder Sourcebook provides the tools you need to bring women's voices to your Passover celebration, create a women's seder of your own, and share in the unique perspectives that contemporary Jewish women are bringing to our evolving understanding of this holiday. Organized according to the order of the seder, this comprehensive collection includes: Accessible and inspiring introductions to each part of the seder Overviews of how different aspects of the Passover ritual have been reinterpreted in a feminist context Readings, commentaries, blessings, and rituals from more than one hundred women, to serve as supplements to or substitutes for traditional passages of the haggadah Women's writings that can be incorporated into the family seder to bring new, thought-provoking voices to the table. This practical guide also includes discussion questions, texts, and exercises for further study, to help you transform the planning process for your women's or family seder into a Jewish learning experience.
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