The Magic of Hebrew Chant: Healing the Spirit, Transforming the Mind, Deepening Love - Rabbi Shefa Gold

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Chant is a meditative practice that fully engages body, heart and mind, and facilitates healing and the expansion of consciousness. It will teach you the theory and foundations of chant—its relation to beauty, pleasure and the deep wisdom buried in our sacred texts. For the first time, it will provide complete musical notations for the many chants created by Rabbi Gold, and it will give you practical instruction about how to use the power of chant to set you on the path of self-awareness and love. It will teach you the music that can help you unlock the power of sacred texts and take prayer and meditation into the delight of your life. This groundbreaking book will be a treasure for seekers of wisdom from every spiritual tradition who want to embody and share the wisdom of scripture and prayer. It will also be a great tool for synagogues, havurot, meditation groups and spiritual communities who are seeking to deepen and beautify their communal practice.
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