Nigunim : The Songbook - Joey Weisenberg

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This Songbook is a collection of sheet music for the first four albums of Joey Weisenberg’s “Nigunim” series, including: Spontaneous Jewish Choir (2011) Transformation of a Nigun (2012) Live in the Choir Loft (2013) Brooklyn Spirituals (2014) In these compositions and on the accompanying recordings, you can hear older styles of Jewish music – nigunim (wordless melodies), z’mirot (Sabbath-table melodies), choral music, and traditional nusach (prayer chant) – organically melding with the spontaneous improvisation, liberated harmonies and indie soul music of the Brooklyn soundscape. This music is for singing, together. Sing this music with others – at your table, in sacred spaces, and anywhere else where you might create spontaneous moments of collective beauty. Indeed, the nigun is the great communal musical art form of Jewish life. Please use these melodies to build your own singing communities!
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