Living Jewish Life Cycle: How to Create Meaningful Jewish Rites of Passage at Every Stage of Life

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Discover the spiritual meaning in Judaism’s major life cycle moments. Understand, create and enter wholeheartedly into Jewish life cycle ceremonies, preparatory practice, and celebrations. More than just how-to, Rabbi Goldie Milgram guides you in making your Jewish rites come alive with meaning, beauty and with lasting impact on you, your friends and family. She takes you beyond rote rites—beyond just surviving—and directly into accessing Jewish rites of passage as a force for thriving. With careful attention to both traditional and emerging practices across the full spectrum of Jewish life, Rabbi Milgram examines: • Jewish Weddings, Traditional and Inclusive Rites • Welcoming a New Baby and Raising a Healthy Jewish Child • Meaningful, Memorable Adolescent and Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah • Ritual Support for Many Stages of Adulthood • Jewish Rituals for When Relationships End • Jewish Approaches to Dying, Death, Burial, Mourning and Remembering
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