Jewish Meditation Practices for Everyday Life: Awakening Your Heart, Connecting with God - Rabbi Jeff Roth

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In today's busy world, many of us go through life on a kind of automatic pilot, flying the same route over and over, as if we're sleepwalking—our fate as uncontrollable as our dreams. But you can wake up; you can open to a place of awareness that sees and understands life much more clearly than during your normal level of consciousness.

With compassion and knowledge, well-known meditation practitioner and teacher Rabbi Jeff Roth leads you on a path toward cultivating an awakened state of being, based on the wisdom of Jewish and Buddhist meditation practices.

Through personal anecdotes and easy-to-do exercises, Roth demonstrates how it is possible to achieve a more meaningful spiritual life and how this awakened state of being—the awakened heart—will inspire you to respond to life's challenges with clarity and kindness, gradually making it your default way of being.

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