Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism - Jay Michaelson

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We usually think of God as an entity entirely separate from us. Hasidic Jews and Kabbalists (along with practitioners of some other spiritual traditions) have long asserted that God is not separate from us at all. In this nondual view, everyone and everything manifests God. Once considered a radical, mystical idea, the concept and spiritual practice of nondual Judaism is increasingly influencing mainstream Judaism—in sermons, seminars, prayer books, and meditation practices.

Judaic scholar Jay Michaelson presents a wide-ranging and compelling explanation of nondual Judaism: what it is, its traditional and contemporary sources, its historical roots and philosophical significance, how it compares to nondualism in other religions, and its impact on the practice of Judaism today. He explains what this mystical nondual view means in our daily ego-centered lives, for our communities, and for the future of Judaism.

Michaelson is an erudite guide who is able to take this provocative concept and convey it in a way that will be of interest to contemporary spiritual seekers.

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