Misaviv: Hebrew Circle Calendar 5778

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The Misaviv Hebrew Circle Calendar has been singing out from the walls of thousands of homes for the past two years that a new era in Jewish inspiration and imagination has arrived. Now the third edition is ready to roll out. The calendar has become a best-selling hit because of its innovative design, which allows each lunar month to shine through in its circular glory, with all of its Shabbats firmly lodged at the core. Each year is a festival for the eyes, featuring thirteen original works of art composed by upcoming artists from around the world, inspired by resonant themes and teachings pertaining to the month. When we remember that every month is a full cycle of the moon, every year is a full cycle of the sun, and the holidays and seasons are fully intertwined, the symmetries and correspondences in our lives dance into vision. We return to the same place on the calendar, the same place in the Torah, and we remember--but we are changed. The miraculous spiral that we have been handed intact from our ancestors now invites us, with the vision of our artists, to walk with it in time, and reconnect to the spiral journey of the soul.
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